Greg Edelman is a Melodic Hard Rock Singer with a lifetime of musical experience. Born in Escondido (San Diego) Ca. in 1961, Greg began singing in church at 6 years old and sharpened his skills throughout his High School years as a Choral member and Trumpet player who also learned to play drums and guitar. Vocal influences are noticeable as greats, Sam Cooke, Steve Perry, Freddie Mercury, Brad Delp, and Geoff Tate. Greg began working with popular cover bands Seraphim (1977) and Liquid Blue (1980) before landing his first big musical break as the lead vocalist for RCA recording artists Red Head, who released their first, self-titled album in 1982 and performed at the LA Forum in 1983. During this period Greg trained with widely known vocal coach Ron Anderson (Axel Rose, Mark Slaughter, Tom Cruise – Rock of Ages) until 1984, when Red Head disbanded. After meeting fellow POWER founding member and writing partner Shaun Skillin in 1988, the two immediately began writing songs and assembling the band. Greg was the Primary writer on beloved songs “Chasing an Angel” and “Desire” and more recently “America” and “Hard Line” along with countless co-writes with Shaun as well as other band members. During the hiatus of POWER, Greg worked as the lead in a Rock Opera “Visions” which ran from 2001 to 2010 with performances at the LA Music Center (2007) and Ford Amphitheater (2010). A brief stint with the band “The Cauze” in 2011 resulted in the connection with Joel Ellis which came to be instrumental in the reformation of POWER. Greg continues to bring his melodic, wide range, soaring vocals and energy to the band he helped create back in 1988.