Michael Svoboda was born in Denison, Iowa in 1962. He began playing drums at age 11 and developed his musical ability through participation in programs such as Choir, Symphonic, Stage and Marching Band as well as Stage and A-Capella Choir throughout high school. Michael’s early influences include Rock and Progressive giants KISS, Rush, Styx, Queen, ELP and of course his Uncle Fred (who played in a Polka Band!). Michael spent two years as a music major at the University of South Dakota before venturing out to perform with several groups around the Twin Cities from 1983 to 1987.


After a short stint in Seattle playing with cover bands from ’87 to ’88 he moved to Los Angeles where he had the opportunity to perform at the most popular Hollywood Circuit clubs (The Whiskey, Roxy, Gazzari’s, Viper Room among many others) and record at the world-famous Sound City Studios. It was in Los Angeles in 1992 when he met Bass Player Greg Bier who joined his then Heavy Metal group, “Justice Parker” and shortly after recruited Vocalist Greg Edelman for that project. After the dissolution of Justice Parker in 1996, Michael joined alternative rock band “My-T-Mo” who he played with until 2012.

In 2015, Greg Bier and Greg Edelman, having firsthand experience of his exceptional talent, called on Michael to complete their new lineup. Michael is featured on recent release “Restored” (2016) and debut video “America” and continues to record and perform with the band.