Greg Bier was born in Lindenhurst, New York (Long Island) in 1965. His musical beginnings included participation from age 9, in Concert and Marching band (Trumpet) as well as Chorus throughout Elementary and Highschool. Greg began playing Bass at age 13 and joined Highschool Stage Band at 14, while studying Music Theory and Chorus under Lisa Nolan (Pat Benatar). Greg’s primary musical influences are from the Progressive, Hard Rock Genre such as Rush, Yes, Kansas and Queensryche, among others. After honing his bass skills with several local bands in the Lindenhurst area, Greg played his first professional club gig with “Night Flight” a Led Zeppelin Tribute band at age 15. Soon after joining a successful cover band “Tuff Cookies” at age 16, the decision to move to Southern California was made. Greg spent the summer of 1982 in the San Diego area with TC until returning to New York and eventually moving to Los Angeles in 1984. After arriving in LA, Greg formed the Band “Passion” (’85 to ’88) with Vocalist Gary Jeffries of “Asphalt Ballet” fame, recording and performing at all the famous Hollywood Circuit clubs. Greg took over the lead vocal role for Passion in 1987 and studied voice with Elizabeth Sabine before departing from Passion in 1988. After spending a short time with “Wild Hearts” (ex- Tuff Cookies drummer Susette Andres) Greg joined Shaun Skillin and Greg Edelman to form the original lineup of POWER during which time, Greg penned songs “Don’t Lie in Bed” and “Open Your Eyes”. In 1992, proceeding the disbanding of the original POWER lineup, Greg joined Heavy Rock band Justice Parker (1992 – 1996) where he began his connection with current POWER Drummer Michael Svoboda. It was at this time that Greg began studying with vocal coach Ron Anderson and attended UCLA for Music Law. Justice Parker disbanded in 1996 and after a sixteen-year musical hiatus, Greg Bier reunited with Shaun Skillin and Greg Edelman once again to restore the magic that POWER once had.